Canada Day: Fireworks!!!

At 10PM in the evening on Canada Day, the Parliament Hill fireworks display goes off. It is a spectacular show – and very visible from my west-end condominium’s balcony. Because I am looking at the show from the west, facing east – I do not have the light advantage of the sunset. Instead, I am being faced with pure darkness.

To actually capture this, I had to leverage my tripod – and a remote shoot mechanism. Even the most minute of vibration from touching the camera ruined the shot – as a quick exposure was needed to capture the fireworks without motion blur.

I also found the timed/continuous cycle settings of the camera quite useful. Having purchased a higher speed CF card was also beneficial – in order to keep up with the rapid number of exposures being captured.

The result? A successful photographic mission under challenging circumstances. I have finally achieved my personal goal of mastering low light photography. Enjoy the results at:

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