See You All at TechEd Orlando w/ CS2006 Plus Some Other Random Updates

Well, May has been a busy and hectic month. Although I’m glad it is over – I can look back proudly at a lot of accomplishments and a considerable amount of good stuff in the pipeline for CS customers. The CS2006 Technical Preview is out the door. All of our TechEd stuff is mostly done. Myself and most of the Program Management team will be on their way to Orlando come sunday to showcase CS2006 at TechEd. See my previous post at for full details on what will be available. In addition to what is mentioned there, we will have:

  • Installation fair to get up and running with the CS2006 Technical Preview on Monday evening – yes, you can get your own copy!
  • Get your own copy of the CS2006 Technical Preview in the BPI Cabana booth on/after Tuesday
  • Quizzes at the BPI Cabana – scoring participants will likely end up with a free Commerce Server branded 256MB USB memory stick loaded with CS goodies on it
  • Dinner with the product team for scoring quiz participants at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville (I, for one, cannot wait for that!)
  • Ability to meet and talk with the CS Program Management team at the BPI Cabana booth throughout the week

If you are at TechEd, stop by and say hello! We’d love to connect! In the meantime, rest easy knowing that the rest of the team is now hard at work on the next refresh for TAP participants. Along those same lines, the public beta is looking good for right around Thanksgiving (barring any unforeseen changes to dependent technologies like .NET 2.0 or any major scope additions). This will be PSS supportable in production deployments for TAP participants. And – speaking of TAP – we are incrementally kicking off/rolling out to people who signed up prior to the early May cutoff deadline. At this point, nominations are closed – we will reopen if appropriate bandwidth ensues. However, the Beta will be available to everyone when it ships.

Until next time, adieu! And, with all these things out the door, I can start doing some more frequent blogging…