A Bit About Negative Discounts

A few questions have come up about how can you do negative discounts. (For the record, a negative discount would increase a price. e.g. – If you qualify, raise the price of Item X by 10%.)

The net is that Commerce Server doesn’t really support this. The better ways to accomplish this are:

  • Set all prices higher, and then have broad discounts for those that should receive the lower price (e.g. – 80% of customers might get the discount)
  • Also affect this through pricing rules in targeted virtual catalogs/catalog sets (e.g. – if you qualify, you get the virtual catalog with the higher price versus the lower price)

Hope this helps.

ShopperManager Expiration: An Blast from the Site Server and CS2002 Past

As a few people have unfortunately discovered, those still running Site Server-era code on Commerce Server 2002 discovered that ShopperID cookie is set to expire on January 1, 2010. Whoops!

This can be worked around by manually setting an expiration date on the ShopperManager object. Or the code can be migrated to AuthManager and not have this problem (by far a better solution). Or better yet, upgrade to Commerce Server 2009 and ASP.NET Membership.

If you have run into this issue, please check http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=2012742 as put together by the support team.