Using a Nest Hub Max with Google Workspace 2022 Edition

The instructions I had previously written back in 2020 now no longer work. After a few more weekends of trial and error I finally figured out how to setup a Google Workspace account with a Nest Hub Max that is part of my personal Google Home. Fortunately the process is now quite a bit simpler.

Here’s how I did it…

  1. Setup your Nest Hub Max and configure it in Google Home using your Workspace account.
  2. In Google Home settings while signed in using your Workspace Account, remove the device from your Home.
  3. In the Home app while being signed into your Workspace account, open Assistant Settings.
  4. Select Face Match and add a new device. Choose the Nest Hub Max you just removed from the Workspace Google Home – this will link your Workspace account while it is in an unadopted state. It will also require you to enable Voice Match and Personal Results.
  5. After the account has been added, in the Google Home application switch to your personal Google Account. Then simply add it to a room – voila!

I hope this helps!