The Empty Office

MS B1/2045 #1
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Today was officially my last day at Microsoft – exactly 007 years to the day since I started my second tour of duty. (Yes, I did it that way by design.)

With the reorganization implemented at the end of August, I found myself without a defined role beyond providing transition to the new organization. With that work being done, it was time to find the next adventure.

Make no mistake – no company supports internal career development and mobility like Microsoft. There were several amazing options for me – both in the Redmond area as well as moving to Vancouver, BC. And that was just within a very limited number of groups I examined. The only downside was that I would be starting over in a new problem domain, versus capitalizing on the years of expertise built in e-commerce since 1995 when I really became seriously involved in Internet/e-commerce development and have largely been ever since.

But, with a time like this – it’s time to think more broadly. I’ve done the public sector, I’ve been a freelancer, I’ve done the pure Dot Com/startup, and spent the vast majority of my career in a big company environment at Microsoft. It’s time for the one thing I haven’t done – join a medium business and help it grow – in my area of core domain expertise.

So on to the next adventure!