My 2011 Blogging Challenge

It’s New Year’s. For 2011, one of my resolutions is to start blogging again. 2010 certainly was one of the busiest of my life; hence hobbies and social media certainly went by the wayside for a variety of reasons.

WordPress’ “Challenge for 2011: Want to blog more often?” seems like a perfect New Year’s resolution to get going again. Also, the fact my blog is now here, courtesy of Windows Live Spaces’ shutdown. The toolset is great – the flexibility is unmatched, and native clients for iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone 7 will certainly make it far more convenient for me.

I am also going to try and cover a few more topics than I have in the past, splitting between fun Life anecdotes, Work stuff when appropriate, more Photography, more Cars, Travel, and – of course – Technology.

My goal is to post at least once a week. So with that, off to the races…one down and fifty-one to go!

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