Variant Limits in CS2007

A question came in today about how many variants are supported per product in CS2007. The answer is somewhat gray:

  • There is no practical or enforced limit – so in theory of causing a functional breakage, one can go quite high
  • Performance testing was conducted with 250-500 mix on average, with upper limits of 1,000 in the test suites; that can be characterized as the product’s known sweet spot
  • How good (or bad) variants will perform is also largely a function of how many variant attributes are present – obviously hundreds of attributes will perform less than tens, etc.

At the end of the day, the best advice I can give – model it and do a simple proof-of-concept exercise. If it works, run with it – as there is no right or wrong answer – just as there is no uniform one-size-fits-all catalog schema.

Hope this helps!

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