Winterlude: Ice Sculptures and Low Light Photography

Winterlude ’08 Ice #1
Originally uploaded by rdonovan

One of my personal photographic goals this year was to improve my low light photography skills. And Winterlude managed to intercede.

Winterlude is Ottawa’s annual celebration of winter – highlighted by many fun activities and exhibits. One of those was the Ice Sculptures. I went on a late evening – with my new 50mm lens in hand – and shot many photos – without a flash.

They all came out amazingly well. The trick was to leverage a very fast lens and set the ISO appropriately. I utilized the Canon EOS 5D’s P-mode – and did not adjust the aperture velocity or the exposure – and let the camera do the rest. Truly one of the benefits of having a modern – and extremely sophisticated camera. I cannot imagine how difficult this would have been on an older film camera.

Enjoy the results at:

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