Gatineau, Quebec

Ottawa Fall ’07 #67
Originally uploaded by rdonovan

Ever heard of it? It’s on the other side of the river from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is voted the 2nd best city to live in Canada. It represents a significant bulk of the land in Canada’s National Capital Region. It used to be broken up into the separate cities Aylmer, Hull, Gatineau, and Masson-Angers.

And coincidentally, it is my new workplace at Cactus Commerce. I have just started as their Executive Vice President, playing a diverse role in the company’s operations (with a focus on engineering and the services business).

This shall be a big change in terms of geography and corporate culture (especially after 9.5 years at Microsoft split in two tours of duty) – but the people and problem domain are extremely familiar. Something certainly to give thanks for on US Thanksgiving – which I am not celebrating officially since I am now in Canada…

I think this shall indeed be fun! Stay tuned…

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