Every Ending is a New Beginning

Aston Martin #2
Originally uploaded by rdonovan

As I continue refining my job search, it’s clear that I may end up leaving the US for Canada. One of the interesting quirks of being in Canada is that all vehicles that are less than 25 years old must have 5 MPH bumpers. Cars have not required this in some time in the US – as they are held to a much lower standard.

And with a good friend very interested in my Aston Martin DB7 – which *does not* meet Canada bumper standards and would require extremely complex and costly procedures to facilitate importation into Canada – it was time to say goodbye and see the vehicle go to a good home.

It has been a terrific automobile and by far the best sports car I have ever had the pleasure of owning. And now on to the next automotive adventure – which is the best sports car Britain produces that *isn’t* an Aston Martin (and coincidentally importable into Canada) – the Bentley Continental GT. It shall be interesting to see what I think of the Aston’s arch-rival after the same period of ownership.

Both cars, of course, meet the 007 test – the Aston Martin having been the choice on the cinema screen (besides some interludes with Lotus and BMW) and the Bentley being Ian Fleming’s choice in the novels themselves.

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