Aston Martin meets Canon EOS-5D

I have been keeping my eye on the Canon EOS-5D camera for some time. My first “serious” digital camera was the Canon EOS-350D (also known as the Rebel XT). I liked it, but have this year outgrown the lack of custom shooting options and longed for the flexibility of a full-frame 35MM camera.

I loaned my old Canon to one of my work colleagues – and he ended up buying it from me. And I replaced it with the EOS 20th Anniversary Kit, which contains the EOS-5D body, a 24-105MM L-series IS lens, carrying case, and every conceivable factory accessory – for about 40% off of list price. Timing is everything.

And the first round of photos has now been posted – some shots taken of my 2002 Aston Martin DB7 Vantage coupe in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, not too far from the camera store. Enjoy at

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