The next killer app from Amazon?

I am a bookworm. I have several thousand actual books. And another few hundred Kindle books. Managing this is a nightmare. Especially when it comes to reconciling series between the physical and virtual libraries. And furthermore, I am sick of getting recommendations for books I own. (Yes I can go in and individually mark a title as owned. But that’s a huge pain.)

What I really want is for Amazon or Barnes and Noble to build an application that will let me easily scan my physical library by title or barcode via a mobile device and update my virtual library. And then give me intelligent recommendations.

This could easily go beyond books and extend to music and TV/movies. It would lock up whomever got there first as my distributor of choice.

Nirvana would be getting digital copies of my physical library too, but licensing would probably never let it happen.

Where’s the app for this?

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