Data Migration to CS2009 from Prior Versions

A question got asked to me today about how to migrate data from Commerce Server 2002. It was obvious from reading it, that at least one person doesn’t know that there is a data migration tool.

It will take data from all versions prior, specifically:

  • Commerce Server 2000
  • Commerce Server 2002
  • Commerce Server 2002 FP1
  • Commerce Server 2007

and migrate it to Commerce Server 2009. What’s the catch? Some of the old catalog entities that got dropped in lieu of Catalog Sets and Virtual Catalogs in CS2002 (when migrating from CS2000) will be flattened. Other than that, everything will migrate with full integrity – ASSUMING that there were no unsupported changes made to Commerce Server’s schemas (e.g. – you did not edit SQL Server directly and went through the provided schema editing tools).

THe best practices are, of course:

  • Backup your source data
  • Don’t run the migration on the live source – do it on a copy

But with that – you should be good to go! Hope this helps…

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