A Bit About the CS2009 “R2” June CTP

Life has been busy. Busy working on the next version of Commerce Server, that is. A few weeks back we posted the June CTP of CS2009 code name “R2”. This is the first CTP of the next version of Commerce Server, which will be available by 1st Quarter 2010. Some key changes in this CTP versus the released version of Commerce Server 2009 include:

  • Commerce Server is now x64-only
  • Setup is now integrated into a single install/configuration experience
  • The Template Pack site is now the out-of-box default experience
  • Products and categories can now be updated (as opposed to just queried) through the Commerce Foundation API
  • Business Administration Toolbar and Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Manager are now included – as the start of delivering the product’s next-generation business user experience
  • The Commerce Foundation can now be run as a service for full 3-tier deployments

For more details and to get this, please visit http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=dfaca6d6-6e1a-4067-8857-61ff1300bf6b&displaylang=en.


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