Announcement: Commerce Server 2009 Release Candidate Available & SQL2008 App-Compat Update

Today has been a busy day in the world of Commerce Server. First, the Release Candidate of Commerce Server 2009 is now available. It’s **almost** here!

Get the bits at:

This distribution is intended to be a seamless in-place, side-by-side update for Commerce Server 2007 customers. Hence, it does need CS2007 Enterprise or Standard as a prerequisite. This release does include a Go-Live license.

The final release will be available soon. Stay tuned for further details! In the meantime, enjoy the RC – but, as always, be sure to check out the README and Installation guide first.

In other news, we have also updated our application compatibility information regarding using Commerce Server 2007 or 2009 with SQL Server 2008 with respect to the Data Warehouse/Analytics feature. This information only applies to Data Warehouse/Analytics Users. If you have CS2007 SP2 or CS2009 and **are not** using the DW/A feature, NO special configuration or instructions are required. I have updated my original blog posting – check it out at

Hope this helps! 

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