So what exactly *HAVE* I been up to?

I have been quiet, but it’s all done in the sake of working on cool stuff that I can’t yet talk about. 😉 As they say at the movie theatre, silence is golden.

What I will say is that in addition to continue to work on all things e-commerce, I have taken on some new responsibilities at Microsoft in the Web space over the last month. Things are now sufficiently baked in terms of internal communication that it is a good time to start blogging about it.

Specifically, I am now also working on the Web Hosting space – which is a large and fascinating market filled with several unique customer segments (comprising shared, dedicated, and virtual dedicated – through either application or operating system virtualization) and quite a few interesting technological challenges.

So does this mean any wavering in my focus on e-commerce? Not at all – it just means twice as much energy towards furthering the Microsoft Web platform for our customers to cover two principal areas of focus instead of one. Now, if only I could alter the space time continuum to double my working hours…

Be seeing you – with a lot more content soon.

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