The Starter Site Is Out – with a few bonuses…

All, after much ado the Starter Site is now available! Get it now at

The Starter Site brings you a full, production-ready, stress-tested template for deploying B2C sites on CS2007 that can meet the needs of large Retail scenarios (e.g. – 100K orders/day in 11 hours with a typical browse:buy ratio on commodity hardware).

More site goodies…

For those more interested in developing their own solution, the Starter Site brings Commerce Server 2007 it’s own ASP.NET User Control library with full design surfaces for use in Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Web Developer Express.

To help get things ready for production, full set of unit tests are included. These, of course, are fully integrated with Visual Studio 2005 as well.

A complete set of documentation on the Starter Site is also included.  A common ask has been performance-related information. The Performance Guide, which covers performance/scale/stress testing and specific hardware configurations, etc. at the product level is forthcoming in a soon-to-be-released Web download – with all results fully reproducible on this build of the Starter Site.  

And a new community to boot…

And with the release of the Starter Site launches new online team-wide blog community at We have rounded  up the entire team and they are now contributing on a broad scale – starting with the release of the site. Check it out today! This will be THE place for technical resources on Commerce Server 2007 in the world of blogdom.

So with that, Happy Halloween (yes, it still IS October here in Seattle for another 52 minutes) and enjoy all the new resources available immediately.

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