CS2002 & 64-bit, .NET 2.0, and SQL2005

A frequently asked question that has come up quite a bit lately is what is Microsoft’s policy going to be on supporting .NET 2.0, SQL2005, and 64-bit Windows with CS2002. I figured this was worthy of a blog post…

The short answer is that there are currently no plans to support any of these. If you want to use these platforms, you will need to use CS2006.

The longer answer is that there are A LOT of collective changes in these three platforms. CS2002 is an old product rapidly approaching its fourth birthday. It took the team several months worth of work to get through it all and at times it was not an easy task. All of this work is done and in CS2006. Right now, I honestly don’t see us back-propagating these to CS2002 given the other things that still wouldn’t be there (like integration between our Profiles and ASP.NET 2.0, etc.).

However, you can still run .NET 2.0 on a box with CS2002 in a .NET side-by-side configuration (.NET 1.1 is installed and the CS-specific applications are using 1.1).

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