CS2006 Beta Preview

One question I got asked today was whether or not the Starter Site will be in the Beta. So I figured I would answer that and all of the other obvious questions about the Beta and what is included. A few of the highlights:

  • Production Ready – This release will be supported in production, but only for customers that are in the TAP validation program. Those that are not in the TAP validation program will not be eligible to receive product support or a license to go live.
  • Starter Site – The first cut of this will be included. It is all new. It will not be complete or production ready – that will come in later downstream milestones. But you will have enough to see how to use things and get going.
  • Staging – Our content, code, configuration, and business data deployment service will be present and there for you to examine.
  • Bug Fixes – There will be many fixes over and above TP2. [:)]
  • BizTalk Server 2006 Beta 2 Support – This will be out by the time CS2006 Beta ships. Our Beta will, of course, work just great with it for the CS BizTalk Adapters.
  • VS2005 and SQL2005 RTM Support – This will obviously be in place as well.

Keep the questions coming. Be seeing you.

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