Do you want to be the first to use CS2006?

If so, I have an offer you can’t refuse! The Commerce Server 2006 Technology Adoption Program (TAP) is now open for nominations through the end of January. This program takes the place of Beta/EAP/JDP programs that have been used in the past and serves essentially the same function. There are several options available for participating.

First, the Validation program includes very high-touch and is targeted towards organizations looking to deploy into production with pre-release CS2006 builds supported by PSS. The Evaluation program is much lower touch and is available for those principally interested in examining but not deploying CS2006 prior to its release. Finally, the ISV/SI Partner Validation program is targeted towards those that actually ship solutions based upon Commerce Server – it provides a high degree of touch to help with the migration process.

If you are interested and want to be among the first, please contact Andrew McDonald, who is running the CS2006 TAP Program, at and reference the CS2006 TAP Program Nomination in the e-mail subject. Also, be sure indicate which program you are interested in participating. We look forward to hearing from you!

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