Who is this Ryan guy anyway?

Some of you may be wondering, just who the heck is this guy? Well, to answer the question I will do my shameless self-promo spot here and then the subject will not be brought up again… 🙂

I work for Microsoft Corporation and am the Group Program Manager for Commerce Server. In English, this means I run the team responsible for product planning (which features & functions go in the box + when do we ship them), project management (making sure we actually ship and do so in a coordinated fashion across all of the teams responsible for working on the product or that impact it), and functional/high-level technical design (specifying in detail what a feature looks like and how it should work + managing impact to other features). Given my role, I also work closely with our product marketing, customer/partner programs (a.k.a. TAP or Technology Adoption Programs for providing customers access to pre-release/next-gen technology), and the field (I often serve as an escalation point on sales, deployment, or post-deployment support issues with customers/partners).

In my most recent past life, I worked for Microsoft Consulting Services in the Retail & Hospitality Industry vertical (with many projects focused on deploying Commerce Server). I spent much of the last 10 years (as of January 2005) working on Internet and e-commerce solutions of various sorts inside and outside of Microsoft – many also on Commerce Server or its predecessors including Site Server and Merchant Server.

So if you need to know anything about Commerce Server or related subjects, fire away!

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