CS2007 Content Management Integration and CS2002 Migration Questions Answered

I received a question this week on how to best upgrade from Commerce Server 2002 to Commerce Server 2007, and then integrate it with a 3rd party Content Management system.

Tackling the upgrade scenario first, the question was raised – is it better to upgrade or re-architect? If you are using Commerce Server 2002 on ASP.NET – then upgrade is probably the way to go. If not, a redesign- with data migration is probably the way to go. Between CS2002 and CS2007 – there is not much direct portability (other than the data) unless the .NET APIs were utilized.

In terms of content management integration, there are several interface points that can be utilized:

  • Catalog Import/Export API
  • BizTalk Adapters
  • Web Services

Depending upon which interface points the content management system uses, any or all of those interface points can be utilized; it is really a matter of preference. There is no right or wrong answer.

What about integrating with SharePoint? I have blogged about this before in March 2006 and in March 2007.That story has not changed – yet. It will, very soon however, with the next release of Commerce Server – which just might be coming sooner than you think…more to come on that.

Hope this helps.

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