Weekend Project: Using a Nest Hub Max to Access GSuite + Control a Nest Home

One of my long weekend projects was to be able to use a Nest Hub Max to access my GSuite work calendar and reminders as well as control my smart home utilizing my personal GMail and Nest Account. Google has said that this is supported for a while, but it took quite a bit of trial and error to actually figure out how to make it work.

Note: For this to work you must be on the same Wifi network for all of the steps.

Step 1 – Get the Nest Hub Max Working on GSuite

From an out of the box/factory reset perspective, the first step is to set the Nest Hub Max up with your GSuite work account. I opted in to enable the device preview program. I also configured a Voice Match and Face Match and configured personal results to always show proactively. This allowed my work calendar to pop up reminders and show upcoming meetings proactively and that I could join Google Meet by tapping on the display.

Step 2 – Unlink But Do Not Reset

The next step is somewhat orthogonal. Go into the Google Home application and select the Nest Hub Max. Go into Settings. Then select Remove Device. This will remove the device from your GSuite account’s Google Home so that you can add it to your personal account’s Google Home where your Nest devices are installed.

Step 3 – Adopt the Device Into Your Personal Google Home

The next step is to switch accounts in the Google Home application to choose your personal account. You should see the Nest Hub Max as a local device; select it, go into Settings, and add it to a room. This will add it to your household.

Step 4 – Configure the Assistant Settings

In your personal account’s Google Assistant settings, remove voice and face match from any of the Nest Hub Maxes that you wish to use with your work account. This will ensure that there is no confusion.

Then, switch accounts to your GSuite account.

Go down to Voice Match, select Add a Device, and select the Nest Hub Max. This will get your GSuite account linked to the Nest Hub Max.

Then, while remaining signed into your GSuite account in Assistant Settings, go into Face Match. Hit the “+” icon to add a device, and then select the Nest Hub Max. Then you can configure Personal Results under Devices in Assistant Settings while still signed into your GSuite account to show proactively or show upon face match (which is what I have chosen).

Then, whenever you are in front of your Nest Hub Max, you have access to your work calendar AND can access all of your Nest Devices and other Google Home functionality under Home Control.

This is the best of both worlds, but it unfortunately took a lot of research, trial, and error to figure it out. Hope this helps!

One thought on “Weekend Project: Using a Nest Hub Max to Access GSuite + Control a Nest Home

  1. Thank you! This worked for our GSuite (Workspace) accounts. We got a google mini, and wondering how we put that into the mix. Thoughts?

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