CS2006 Technology Preview: 30 Days and Counting…

The bad news is that I have been way too quiet when it comes to blogging lately. I do have a somewhat valid excuse I hope – we do have software to ship. And in hardcore ship mode we are…

Commerce Server 2006 Technology Preview, which will be the first drop available to participants in the Technology Adoption Program, will be available in approximately 30 days or less. Things are looking great and our release is on-track. The good news is that I’ve been leaning on my good friend and colleague Andrew McDonald, who runs our TAP program, to take some more nominations…

So yes, this means you can still sign up and be among THE FIRST to get CS2006. Send e-mail to bpidcp@microsoft.com and reference the Commerce Server 2006 TAP program on or before May 13, 2005 and we will glady get you connected.

In other news, we are now done with planning and in full scale execution and ship mode. So, what this means is that you can look forward to hearing lots more from me very soon about what’s coming in great detail. Be seeing you.

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