Using a Bell Home Hub with Ubiquiti Unifi

As part of setting up our second home in the Ottawa area, I ended up with quite the trial and error process to figure out how to use Ubiquiti Networks Unifi Security Gateway 4 Professional with the Bell Home Hub 3000. So, beyond writing this down so I don’t forget it, I wanted to share this for other Unifi users out there.

My USG setup was complicated by the fact that (1) the controller is back at our other house in Seattle. I started by configuring the USG at the Seattle house based upon the very helpful UniFi – Ports Used – Ubiquiti Support and Help Center article to open up the Ingress Ports required for L3 Management. I also setup Dynamic DNS at the Seattle house as well.

The next step was to configure the Bell Home Hub. The easiest way to do this is to plug the WAN port into a network port as well as a laptp with a hardware Ethernet port. In the Bell Home Hub setup screens start by disabling WiFi and UPNP. Then, go into the connected devices section and select Ethernet. Write down the MAC address of the USG as it will be needed for the next step.

Then, in the Bell Home Hub setup screen, enable the advanced DMZ and enter the MAC address of the USG – this will allow it to get an external IP address. And the battle is half won.

You can then connect your laptop into a LAN port and configure the USG. You will need to set the connection type to PPOE. The user name begins with b1xxx and can be found by logging into MyBell. In the MyBell Web Site, you can set the Internet access password – this is what the PPOE password will be.

And that will allow you to get online with the USG4 – or a USG3 or UDM (as the same process applies). Getting the site-to-site setup with remote adoption will be the source of my second post. Happy Unifi-networking.